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Basketwatch Begins…!

on Dec 14, 2011

Hi, just a few words on the inaugural Basketwatch 2011!

I shop a lot as I have a great passion for cooking; hence I buy meat and other ingredients fresh. This means I’m in the supermarket often.

I found myself getting a little bit agitated on the special offers. There are so many and they change so much, I decided I need to keep note of them. From that thought Basketwatch was born!

We aim to update this at the moment about once a week. We are also going to have more standard products like milk and so on in January, I just thought this was a good mix for the festive season.

Basketwatch-2112As you can see pretty even in some regards but Tesco is the clear winner this week as their special offers are excellent along with a very competitive pricing strategy.

You can also see that if you cherry picked certain products in certain shops you could save a decent amount.

Anyhow, keep a watch on the website as every few days I will update any really good offer I spot, and the same for twitter (Researchit77).

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