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The changing face of jobs… coming to Ireland soon?

on Nov 26, 2014

  The superb and very useful research website, finfacts had this excellent article on job types. I found this as it is relevant to a project I am working on. So, on the one hand these lower paid part time jobs offer some flexibility for the workforce but they also in my opinion start society on a very slippery slope where large companies can treat staff poorly,...

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The state we are in…

on Mar 21, 2013

Hi all, must get back into blogging for business! anyhow with Cyprus in the news with debt issues, I am finishing a project at the moment, some interesting figures on debt, it really was a great idea to get someone else make all the produce over the last 20 years, borrow vast amounts of money and then proceed to build an economy on buying mostly cheap produce that...

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WordPress you rock!

on Feb 10, 2012

Hi all, having used WordPress for over a year now I must say im a convert. The days of old CMS systems where the web designer held all access is slowly changing. I can now upload, download, add blogs, add new pages as easy most of the time as using microsoft word. Combine this with targeted email products like Mail Chimp, and you have the potential to affect...

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MeetWest 2011

on Oct 20, 2011

Attended a great event recently, MeetWest 2011. Confirmed to me the importance of networking for small business. Met so many great people, together we can all do better, feeling really inspired by it all. This recession is hitting us all, but especially the SME sector, we need to come together to share ideas and resources, and of course do a little bit of business...

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