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The state we are in…

on Mar 21, 2013

Hi all, must get back into blogging for business! anyhow with Cyprus in the news with debt issues, I am finishing a project at the moment, some interesting figures on debt, it really was a great idea to get someone else make all the produce over the last 20 years, borrow vast amounts of money and then proceed to build an economy on buying mostly cheap produce that we did not really need…

Debt figures 2013:

• Irish household debt per capita in 2012 was €38,938
• UK household debt per capita in Jan 2013 is at £28,957.
• US debt per person currently stands at $94,000 per capita.
• Irish national (government debt) stood at over €190 billion in 2012.
• The UK government debt stands at £1,347 (trillion),
• EU Debt is €10 trillion and The US debt stands at over $16 trillion.

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